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My name is Anna and I am a jewellery designer/maker specialising in Sterling Silver and Gold (9ct & 18ct) jewellery. I also have a love of gemstones –  both precious and semi-precious .

I also enjoy all things art and craft and often find time to visit various craft and design shows around Kent and London where I am based. If I happen to be in other parts of the country when a fair is on, I’ll try to visit.

In recent years the craft fair has fallen victim to the “tat” market where real craft sits along side cheap, imported or low quality goods that don’t reflect the talent we have in Britain. Which is a shame because while I have nothing against imported or mass produced items, they don’t belong in most craft and design fairs. And as a designer, participating in such a market cheapens the effort and skill you put into your products.

So, occasionally I will post a review of a show that I have visited or participated in. It’s Coolings2016subjective so I’d welcome your thoughts and constructive comments and if you have a   topic of interest or a show you want to review or share experiences of, let me know.

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